Data repository

Göttingen Research Online Data is an online repository for research data managed by the Göttingen eResearch Alliance and is based on the open-source software Dataverse. Data can be stored, edited and published. Assigning metadata and identifiers (PIDs and DOIs) enables transparent and long-term sharing of research data.

Store and publish research data

Research data can be provided with information and stored by means of an input mask. Personal data collections are displayed clearly and can be easily managed using the version history. Entire data collections as well as individual data sets can be shared.

Metadata and identifiers (PIDs and DOIs) summarize relevant information and allow long-term referencing and discovery of data, making the distribution of research data simple and reliable.

Various search criteria and filter options support finding research data in Authors can be contacted and citation information can be copied directly. This way, the data repository promotes exchange and easy access to data.


research data management

Further information

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