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Video conferencing with BigBlueButton

Our video conferencing tool is suitable for video conferences, online presentations as well as e-learning scenarios. It runs via web interface and works best with Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox.


  • Screen sharing including upload function and showing presentations
  • Commenting feature for presentations
  • “Break-out-rooms” for group work
  • Note-taking and chat function
  • Recording capability for conferences
  • Conduct surveys
  • Individual meetings with up to 100 people

The service is based on the open-source software BigBlueButton.

Chat & Collaborate with Rocket.Chat

Chat and share information, images or files with your colleagues in a short and fast way. This chat service also supports notifications from additional services like the code repository (GitLab).


  • Chat in groups or with individual colleagues
  • Searchable chat history
  • Transfer files, images, or videos
  • Supports Emojis

The service runs via Rocket.Chat. In addition to the web interface, clients are available for desktop or mobile devices.

Sync files with ownCloud

The “Sync & Share” service allows you to keep your data in sync on your desktop and mobile devices. You can also work offline and synchronize your data once you are back online. Files or folders can be shared with other people, groups, projects or communities.


  • 50 GB of storage space per user
  • Clients for all major operating systems
  • Usage via web interface for flexible, platform-independent access
  • Access via WebDAV protocol possible

The Academic Cloud is using ownCloud for the Sync & Share service.

Online Surveys with LimeSurvey

Create online surveys through a web interface with LimeSurvey. Select from layouts and survey features like checkboxes, dropboxes, free text fields and many more. Easily manage administrative access rights, public or restricted participations as well as the evaluation of your surveys.


  • Easy creation of surveys
  • Analysis and export options
  • Public or restricted access participant groups
  • automated response options via email
  • Usage via web interface

This service is based on the open source tool LimeSurvey.

Digital Whiteboard with Collaboard

With Collaboard, you can write ideas on digital Post-It’s, create mind maps, implement hybrid workshops, visualize processes and workflows, or conduct online training. You have drawing functions, digital and freely movable maps, image uploads and much more for collaborative brainstorming, digital meetings and agile teamwork.


  • zoomable unlimited whiteboard area
  • Multi-user and multi-device capability
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Guest user invitation
  • Digital drawing feature and image upload

This service is offered through the Collaboard system.

URL Shortener

Shorten long and confusing URLs quick and easy. Submit your link into the online tool and get a short version immediately. Our created short URL serves as a redirect to the actual target page. Optionally, you can output an intermediate page with the original target link for your users before the redirect. You have overview and access to your already shortend links, which you can also edit later.


  • Secure and transparent URL forwarding service
  • Easy operation and fast access via web interface
  • Immediate shortened URL output
  • Overview of your shortened links
  • Subsequent editing possible
  • Provision of the short URLs for at least two years
  • Optional display of the target URL before redirection

This service is implemented via shlink.

Code Repository by GitLab

GitLab is a web-based platform designed to help develop and manage your source code conveniently with a wide range of functionality, including version management, bug tracking and wiki documentation. It allows you to focus on the management of your projects: use configuration options like continuous integration or plugins to support the development lifecycle.


  • Usage via web interface
  • Up to 50 projects per user (more on request)
  • External users can be invited to existing projects
  • Supervised service, including backup

The Academic Cloud uses GitLab for the service.

Research Data Repository with Dataverse

The Research data repository serves as general purpose repository for data. You can save, edit, share and publish your research data here. Add metadata and assign PIDs and DOIs to them. The repository offers a variety of selectable, discipline-specific metadata sets for describing data to make it findable. You can configure personal space in that it automatically adds you published data to your ORCID-ID.


  • Preserve data and data sets
  • Share data with colleagues
  • Make data publicly available
  • Maintain persistent identifiers (PIDs) for publications
  • Usage via web interface

The service runs on Dataverse software via web interface.

ShareLaTeX with Overleaf

ShareLaTeX is a web-based service that lets you create complex documents online with professional layout. It allows you to keep track of the current version of a text or chapter and collaborate with colleagues on a document at the same time. Editing is possible via the rich text view or via the LaTeX source code. Completed documents can be downloaded as PDF.


  • Usage via web interface
  • Collaboration with others at the same time
  • Easy use via rich text view or the document’s LaTeX source code
  • Chat feature available

The service is implemented via Overleaf.

Persistent Identifier (PID)

The service offers a permanent referencing capability with persistent identifiers (PID) to ensure the retrieval and long-term access to your research data or papers. You can mint and maintain your PID via GUI or REST interface and use the embedded PID resolver. This resolving service is provided in cooperation with the ePIC consortium. In case a specific PID contains all metadata required by DataCite, also a DOI can be derived from it.


  • Reference to data within research groups, scientific communities, or publications
  • Allocation of data and metadata
  • Prefixes for specific institutes
  • Usage via web interface

This resolver service is offered in collaboration with the ePIC Consortium.