Academic Cloud Hub

Social network

The Academic Cloud Hub is a platform for communication and networking that brings together staff, lecturers and students from universities in Lower Saxony for project- or topic-related exchange.

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Learning app

Actionbound promotes mobile learning through gamification. Interactive content such as quizzes, maps and tasks can be integrated into learning tours. Rankings and competitions increase motivation.



Videoconference system

Digital tool for videoconferences with features such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, communication via chat and collaborative work on an interactive whiteboard.

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Chat AI

AI chatbot

Chat AI offers an easy and secure access to powerful generative AI. The intuitive interface allows users to chat directly with a selection of different AI models.

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Collaboard is an interactive whiteboard for team collaboration. It enables users to collect ideas, plan complex projects visually and work together in real time.

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PID service

ePIC is a service to create and edit persistent identifiers (PID) that can be connected to research data and documents so that they can be permanently referenced on the internet.

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Source code management

GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager and facilitates software development with functions for code management, automated tests and deployments.

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Data repository

Göttingen Research Online Data is an online repository for research data. It allows for data to be stored, edited and published along with metadata and identifiers (PIDs and DOIs).

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Collaborative coding

Jupyter is a web-based tool for collaboratively editing, executing and sharing Python, Julia or R code in notebooks that can be managed in a cloud.

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Online surveys

LimeSurvey is an online survey tool that can be used to create, conduct and analyze surveys for study, research and teaching purposes.

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Social network

Mastodon is a decentralized social media platform where users can post short messages, follow people and communicate in thematic instances.

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The launch of the Matrix service is scheduled for September 2024. Please understand that access will not be possible before this date.

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Project management

MeisterTask can be used to manage tasks and organize projects. Various functions support teams and student working groups in collaboration and communication.

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Project management

The software supports teams in managing projects. Progress and content can be planned and visualized together. A forum and a wiki further allow communication and exchange of information.

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OwnCloud allows you to organize, edit and share cloud files. The synchronized files can be edited collaboratively in the OnlyOffice integration.

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Collaborative editor

Pad is a markdown editor for collaborative editing of documents in real time. Users can create documents, share them with others and edit them simultaneously.

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Audience response tool

Particify is an university-based audience response tool with feedback, survey and Q&A functions that enables lecturers to interactively communicate with students and receive anonymous real-time feedback.

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Web messaging for groups. Users can share files, images and videos. integrates GitLab and can be used without installation in a browser or with clients for Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile apps.

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Interactive videoconference system

SaySom is a digital platform for virtual meetings where participants can move, connect and communicate with each other just like in the real world.

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LaTeX editor

A browser-based LaTeX editor for collaborative writing and editing of scientific documents and publications with integrated chat.

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URL Shortener

Link editing

URL Shortener enables the display of weblinks in short form. This makes it easier and more appealing to share URLs on social media, printed material and in digital communication.

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Audience response tool

Wooclap is an innovative audience response tool that promotes communication, interaction and collaboration through versatile survey formats, asynchronous questionnaires and a message board.

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