Sync & Share

The “Sync & Share" service allows you to keep your data in sync on all your desktop and mobile devices. You can share selected files with other people, groups, projects or communities. Furthermore, Sync & Share enables you also to work offline with your data and synchronize it once you have access to the internet again.

The Academic Cloud uses the ownCloud software for the Sync & Share service. Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions for further information on how to use the service or have a look at the ownCloud user manual.


  • 50 GB of storage space per user
  • Clients for all common operating systems
  • Web interface for flexible platform-independent access
  • Access through WebDAV protocol possible


GitLab is a platform designed to help develop and manage your source code with a wide range of functionality, including version management, bug tracking and wiki documentation.
It allows you to focus on the management of your projects, with functionality and plugins to support the development lifecycle.

For more information on how to use the service, visit the GitLab documentation pages.



up to 50 projects per user (more on demand)

external users can be invited to existing projects

monitored service, including backup



The ShareLaTeX service provides you with a LaTeX installation on our servers, which can be used in your web browser. Texts can be written in collaboration with other users at the same time. You can work in a rich text view as well as in the document's LaTeX source code. A simple chat on the same page facilitates collaboration.

ePIC Persistent Identifier

The service ePIC PID offers a permanent referencing capability with persistent identifiers (PID) to ensure the retrieval and long-term access to files, e.g. your research data or papers.