Basic Services for Research Data Management in Niedersachsen

Basic Services for Research Data Management in Niedersachsen Research Data Management Research data management (RDM) is playing an increasingly important role at all universities and research institutions in Lower Saxony. The conditions for handling the complex topic of RDM in a sustainable manner are ideal, especially since the start of the “State Initiative for Research Data Management in Lower Saxony”. A long term RDM concept is implemented by research-oriented universities with many years of experience in advising researchers as well as in the development and operation of services related to RDM.

Co³Learn – Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration

Co³Learn – Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration The Co³Learn project of the Technische Universität Braunschweig, Leibniz Universität Hannover and the University of Göttingen is developing solutions to promote student cooperation in digital teaching/learning settings. The focus is on supporting learning experiences that utilise the potential of heterogeneous student groups by promoting the formation of cooperative learning groups, the quality of collaboration and the social experience in the digital space. The aim of the project is the digital promotion of cooperative processes on these levels and the corresponding digital competences of students and teachers.

ConnEx – Vernetzung von Expert:innen und Services

ConnEx - Networking experts and services Connecting Experts and Services (ConnEx) is a milestone in the development of Niedersachsen: The joint project brings together all 20 state universities in Lower Saxony for the first time. ConnEx is aimed at teaching staff and those involved in the technical and didactic service and support facilities at the universities. The ‘service interfaces’ set up from the requested personnel funds function as satellite-like units distributed across the state, which are located locally in a service and support facility, but from there act at the interfaces and provide coordination and service tasks for the exchange and cooperation of all universities in Lower Saxony.

Futur.A – Future Skills.Applied

Futur.A – Future Skills.Applied In the Futur.A joint project, the six major universities of applied sciences in Lower Saxony are cooperating to further develop study and teaching in the face of changing social and professional conditions. The common point of reference for the four sub-projects is so-called future skills, i.e. those interdisciplinary skills that are a central task of universities in the face of an increasingly digitalised living and working environment.

SOUVER@N – Souver@nes digitales Lehren und Lernen

SOUVER@N – Souver@nes digitales Lehren und Lernen SOUVER@N is a joint project of eight universities in Lower Saxony. In line with the guiding principle of digital sovereignty, the partners are cooperating to meet the increased requirements at universities in the long term by pooling their expertise and services in the three areas of IT basis, services and content/OER. In four thematic work packages, the SOUVER@N project addresses urgent areas of need that are highly relevant not only for the network partners, but also for many universities outside the network: