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Academic Services for Niedersachsen

As a member of a participating university, research or higher education institute in Niedersachsen you can use the Academic Cloud Services. Log in and benefit from our expertise and service portfolio in the fields of storage, sharing, communication and useful working tools. For institutions outside of Niedersachsen, please contact us at

Just log in and get instant access to our tools:

  • Share & store your work and LaTeX files
  • Start and evaluate surveys
  • Create persistant identifiers for publishing
  • Create short URLs immediately
  • Chat or meet virtually

Plus: Your data and communications are secure. All services are hosted in academic data centers according to German data protection and data security directives.

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The Academic Cloud Provides Collaborative, Proven and Secure Services


The Academic Cloud offers collaborative services for study and research. You can share data with other people, groups or projects in a controlled manner.


The Academic Cloud offers proven software applications as reliable cloud services. You can access the services with a single account through a uniform portal.


The Academic Cloud is hosted in university data centers in Niedersachsen. Your data is stored according to German data protection and data security directives.

Locally hosted

The Academic Cloud is provided by the GWDG in Göttingen, gets support in planning and operation by LANIT and is co-funded by the MWK in Hannover.